ZIW 2023 - Italy, Bologna

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ZIW Italy 2023

After 3 years of digital-only events, Zuken and eCADSTAR are very happy to announce we are back in person to present and discuss with you innovative ways to be sustainable in product development.

We’ll look to cover the current market challenges, and ways to adapt and overcome these problems. Providing you with exclusive content that you can not find anywhere else, Speaking at the event will be industry and eCADSTAR experts Jeroen Leinders, Roberto Lantignotti, and Massimo Lupi.

Zuken and eCADSTAR will introduce new solutions and technological innovations to make your design process easier than ever. Additionally, we will be dropping some teaser information for the future projects we have planned and how to shake up the future of product development.


What will be presented at ZIW Italy 2023?

eCADSTAR is excited to showcase to everyone at ZIW Italy what’s upcoming in the eCADSTAR 2023.0 update! We have a lot to show you such as granular and precise coordination, improved part editing, interactive hyperlinking, and plenty more.

Additionally, get the chance to try out eCADSTAR 2023.0 for yourselves with interactive demonstrations that offers you the chance to experience the new features and main functionalities of eCADSTAR.

Not only that, we will be taking you on a journey through the future plans for eCADSTAR beyond the 2023.0 update, mapping out the amazing additions we have planned to maximise productivity and reduce your design completion time in eCADSTAR.

Lastly, you will be free to roam around the venue and interact with our Zuken and industry experts in the exhibition area, as well as your fellow peers to exchange innovative ideas and strengthen your knowledge.

This is a unique networking opportunity for businesses to learn more about leading industry technology and find solutions to your company’s pain points.


How to sign-up for ZIW Italy 2023

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