ZIW 2023 - Switzerland, Lucerne

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ZIW Switzerland 2023

ZIW is live, interactive, and personal in Switzerland this year. After hosting ZIW conferences only online in recent years due to covid’s impact, we are really happy to announce we are hosting ZIW Switzerland in person and very much looking forward to meeting you all in person once more.

Zuken and eCADSTAR have an exciting agenda of live presentations, interactive exhibitions, and a friendly evening dinner to relax and discuss with your peers.


What will be presented at ZIW Switzerland 2023

The overarching theme of this year’s ZIW in Switzerland is innovation and sustainability in product development. Our goal is to provide insightful information on company and industry innovations that will impact your business in the near future. As the world is continuously working towards a greener future it is vital to get on board with this business mantra it’s too late for the survival of your business and the survival of the planet.

ZIW 2023 Switzerland will:

  • Detail current research and development products from Zuken & eCADSTAR
  • Highlight key product innovations that have occurred in 2023
  • Show you best practice examples from current customer projects
  • Provide essential expert tips to increase your productivity that you won’t find anywhere else

Additionally, ZIW is an amazing opportunity for business networking and interacting with like-minded people that are looking to expand their business opportunities and breadth of knowledge.


How to sign-up for ZIW Switzerland 2023

You can sign up for the ZIW Switzerland 2023 by clicking on the button below:

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