ZIW 2023 - Germany, Frankfurt

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ZIW Germany 2023

We are excited to announce that ZIW 2023 is coming soon!

The Germany ZIW 2023 will be a 2-day networking event filled with presentations, discussions, and networking, offering a wealth of knowledge and lifelong work relationships built to last.

eCADSTAR has its own track on the second day of the ZIW event in Germany with multiple presentations on the agenda filled to the brim with highly requested content and new features. The eCADSTAR schedule for the April 25th goes as follows:

eCADSTAR schedule for ZIW Germany on April 25th, 2023



eCADSTAR Future Roadmap & What's New in eCADSTAR 2023.0
Coffee Break & Exhibition
What's New in eCADSTAR 2023.0 & Migration from CADSTAR to eCADSTAR
Scripting for Library and Manufacturing Data & eCADSTAR SPICE Controller
Lunch & Exhibition
MCAD Function of the Library, PCB, Schematic & Air and Crane Distance Analysis
Coffee Break & Exhibition
Reuse of Schematic and PCB Parts & Any Questions About eCADSTAR

Starting at 9.45 am, Jeroen Leinders is presenting the eCADSTAR roadmap for 2023, and what eCADSTAR has planned beyond 2023. We can’t wait to show what we have planned for new and existing users!

Additionally, Karl-Heinz Kluwetasch will be presenting the 1st part of a 2 part presentation on all the key areas of improvement in the 2023.0 eCADSTAR update.  There are a lot of new additions to be included in the next update, so make sure to attend both sessions!

At 11 am, Karl-Heinz Kluwetasch will be presenting the 2nd part of the 2023.0 eCADSTAR update, plus demonstrating how it’s easier than ever to migrate your CADSTAR design data into eCADSTAR with minimal fuss. So if you are thinking to upgrade to eCADSTAR this is one not to be missed.

At 11.45 am, Wadim Stieben has an insightful lecture on scripting and how to effectively use this for library and manufacturing data creation.

Furthermore, we will be highlighting the eCADSTAR SPICE Controller using the world-renowned LTspice inbuilt into the eCADSTAR Schematic Editor for your analog circuit analysis.

Afterward at 12.30 pm, there will be a 1 hour and 30 min lunch break to reflect and network with your peers, as well as explore the exhibitions.

Subsequently, at 2 pm,  eCADSTAR will present the MCAD function of the Library Editor, whilst Wadim Stieben will take a look at the MCAD function for PCB & DRC. We also will be covering Air and Crane Distance analysis.

At 2.45 pm, there will be a 30-minute break for coffee and to explore the exhibition.

Lastly, at 3.15 pm,  we will show you how to reuse your schematic and PCB circuit component in current and future designs, for maximum productivity and design integrity.

Additionally, eCADSTAR will be hosting a Q&A session hosted by Karl-Heinz Kluwetasch, Jeroen Leinders, and Wadim Stieben, to answer any questions you have about the topics covered or eCADSTAR in general.

This is one action-packed day we have planned for you! There is a lot of valuable experience to gain by attending which can help you get a step ahead of your competition.

How to sign-up for ZIW Germany 2023

There are two options for attending, you can attend the full 2-day exhibition on the  24th-25th of April with hotel, drinks, and dinner, included for €299. Alternatively, you can attend the eCADSTAR exhibition and presentations on April 25th for free and that includes catering.

Sign up for the eCADSTAR exhibition here:

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