Zuken Innovation World 2022

Zuken Innovation World 2022

Get ready to enjoy a series of enlighting shows held by the best speakers in the PCB industry!

Zuken is changing the business environment

Throughout the course of events that will be held worldwide, ZIW 2022 aims to provide exclusive insight into upcoming innovation from the ‘umbrella’ of Zuken. Each event will be held either locally or as an online conference for your participation.

Customer-focused, and interactive digital experience

In an effort to protect customers, partners, and employees in the best way possible, we made the decision to offer virtual ZIW conferences for 2022. These are more enhanced than in previous years, and we have new ways to highlight and transfer valuable knowledge at these ZIW conferences. So, get your pen and paper at the ready.

Talk with experts one to one

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to discuss with Zuken product managers and our partners at the virtual exhibitions, to make it feel as close as possible to a tradeshow. We look forward to seeing you all and discussing the great new innovations we plan to bring to the table!

Topics for ZIW’s 2022

  • Overview of Zuken’s current research and development projects
  • Highlights of key innovations in 2022
  • Examples of best practices from the latest customer projects
  • Expert advice on how to increase productivity

How to register and participate

Participating in Zuken Innovation World is completely free of charge and is it possible to register for your desired conference approximately 6 weeks before their respective dates. It is one registration per event that gives access to the platform we are hosting the online events on.

Moreover, feel free to visit the Zuken experts and partners at the accompanying virtual exhibition and exchanges ideas and proposals.

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(Registration for June’s  ZIW events will be available soon)

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