PCB Graphical User Interface (GUI) Customization

This application helps with toolbar customization.

app-icon-1Customize Toolbar For Easy Access

We make your life easier: selections filters, 3D visualization, immediate access to data folders, and icons to activate with other eCADSTAR Applications. Simplify your workflow with this app.

app-icon-2Top Benefits for the PCB GUI Customization App

  1. Easy access to accelerators tools (other applications that can be used with eCADSTAR)
  2. Full frame, reference sorter, set component location, advanced report, rinf out
  3. Fast examination of design data files
  4. Fast access to library synchronization, gate generator, ODBC interface

app-icon-3 Demo

The video will show you the eCADSTAR PCB Design Editor Toolbar and how to customize it.

app-icon-4 PCB GUI Customization User Guide

One way to increase productivity and achieve more in less time.

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Apps are provided and supported by 3rd parties, they are enhancing the eCADSTAR experience.

Created by:

Zuken Italy



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28th October 2021
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