eCADSTAR is here to give you powerful tools to be successful. Consider this your one-stop-shop to resources exclusively curated for you.


The technical strengths of eCADSTAR are based on the experience of working with leading PCB companies. The skills gained from these videos extend the global knowledge base, to which you as a customer have full access at all times. eCADSTAR is here to optimise your global design, review, and manufacturing process.

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Internet Connected PCB Design Platform eCADSTAR Interactive Tour
Embrace High-Speed Design CADSTAR Import To eCADSTAR
Routing Automatic Via Flood Routing – Differential Pair Configuration
Positive Thermal Connectivity Options Library Searching & Internet Part Resources
Schematic Connections Schematic – All Tools Gui
Unconnected Inner-Layer Pads or Vias Built-in 3D Mechanical Checks
Gerber Import

A New Internet Connected PCB Design Platform

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Connecting you with the world is our highest priority. Go beyond the bounds of expectation!

eCADSTAR Interactive Tour

Get quickly up and running. Watch the trailer and let us introduce you to the features you will learn when you run the Interactive Tour.

Embrace High-Speed Design

Is your PCB design high-speed? Even using standard components like DDR3, DDR4 or DDR5 SDRAMs means following high-speed PCB design guidelines. Let’s route some DDR3 memory.


Time for an upgrade? With eCADSTAR you can effortlessly import CADSTAR your library and designs. All your hard work is safe and there is no need to recreate your old PCB design.

Routing – Differential Pair Configuration

In this video we are going to look at the basic configuration and routing of differential pairs in eCADSTAR.

Routing Automatic Via Flood

In this video we take a look at eCADSTAR’s ability to be able to automatically flood copper areas with vias. An extremely useful, timesaving feature for stitching together ground or power planes.

Routing – Positive Thermal Connectivity Options


In this video we’re going to take a quick look at the versatility eCADSTAR offers designers with respect to Thermal pad connections.

Library Searching and Internet Part Resources


For eCADSTAR Zuken have moved to a database format Library. This gives the user not only access to their current parts, but access to millions of parts through our internet partners.

Schematic Connections


In this video we are going to take a look at eCADSTAR’s schematic interface and how easy it is to add connections between your devices.

Schematic – All Tools Gui


In this video we take a quick tour around the 3 core tools of eCADSTAR. These are Library Editor, Schematic Editor and PCB Editor.

Unconnected Inner-Layer Pads or Vias


In this video we are going to focus on eCADSTAR flexibility suppress unconnected inner-layer pads.

Built-in 3D Mechanical Checks


Maybe you need to move or change a part. Maybe there’s an update to your PCB’s enclosure. You can check collisions and spacings while you work, in real-time 3D.

Gerber Import

In this video we are going to look at basic Gerber Import. Layer by layer. eCADSTAR offers users the ability to directly import gerber data into the PCB environment.

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