CADSTAR Schematic Capture

CADSTAR Schematic Capture

CADSTAR Schematics is a highly integrated front-end solution, providing a smooth and error-free transition (forward & back annotation) between schematics and PCB. It is easy to learn and use, for both occasional and frequent users.

Easy to use, with intuitive user interface common to all CADSTAR programs.

Meets high-speed performance requirements with integrated constraint management system.

Complete support of design variants, including display control for accurate documentation.

Access to online library of 250,000 parts.

Applying length constraints

The process for constraining electrical nets for minimum/ maximum, length/delay values and describing how nets are to be lengthened using dynamic patterns.


Product Features

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Organize your design as a flat or hierarchical circuit, or apply both methodologies to meet your design and documentation process. Configurable design templates let you control the work environment for your engineering team, while still allowing individual users to customize their workspace. CADSTAR Schematic Capture regularly checks your design to maintain the integrity of the netlist, ensures reference designators are unique, and verifies that components are up to date. Version control of both symbols and parts ensures your design uses the latest library changes.

Copy and paste design blocks, entire sheets, or just individual parts from another design, or use known-good logical and physical circuits with design reuse. Adding variants can also maximize the potential of your product in different markets by denoting non-fitted or alternate parts.

In addition to track width, net class and spacing class (special spacing rules) you can assign a wide range of constraints to drive the CADSTAR High-speed Design, Signal Integrity Verify, and Power Integrity Advance tools with the Constraint Browser.

Zone markers, combined with configurable net references, make tracking signals across large designs simple, while full cross-probing helps you locate and highlight items in any CADSTAR application.

CADSTAR Schematic Capture includes a library of ready-made parts. The Graphical Library Editor contains symbol wizards. You can either define your own parts, select from the Zuken online library of over 250,000 parts, or use online libraries of free, high-quality PCB symbols and footprints for CADSTAR.

Available Extensions

Extend CADSTAR's schematic capture capability can be extended to meet your specific design requirements

CADSTAR Constraint Browser simplifies constraint management by providing a fast and effective method to enter and control the most complex of layout rules. It guides engineers through a fully integrated, constraints-driven design methodology to meet high-speed performance requirements, reducing design costs and time-to-market by eliminating unnecessary prototypes and re-engineering cycles.

Download Constraint Browser Datasheet

CADSTAR Placement Planner enables the engineer to engage the placement process during logical circuit design. As an add-on to CADSTAR Schematics, Placement Planner is intended to help electronic engineers communicate their intent and provide guidance to the PCB designer more effectively.

Download Placement Planner Datasheet

CADSTAR Variant Manager allows you to manage all the variants of a design within in a single Schematic and PCB design file. Generate variants of a master design without having to maintain separate files for each variant.

Download Variant Manager Datasheet

The CADSTAR Library Editor provides a complete solution for creating and editing symbol, footprints and part information for PCB design. Integrated into the CADSTAR framework, Library Editor shares the same set of user interface and configuration settings with the other applications in the CADSTAR family – making it easy to learn and maximize productivity during product development.

Download Library Editor Datasheet

CADSTAR Design Viewer is a free download that lets you share and access CADSTAR design data easily on any of your preferred Windows platforms.

Access CADSTAR Design Viewer Software

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