Manufacturing Documentation Output

Create manufacturing and service documents from your design data


Creating your manufacturing data and design documentation needn’t be an after thought.


With documentation layers you can generate manufacturing information such as dimension lines, drill hole tables and scaled areas alongside your design content. With fully configurable export options, output only the layers you need.

Generate parts lists and pick-and-place reports using the built-in reporting tools. Using report templates, you can configure content and format too, including sorting, filters, sections, header/footer, and macro variables. Re-use your report templates between designs to integrate cleanly with your PLM system.

Import and export native, industry standard formats such as OBD++, IPC-2581, and IPC-D-356A, to produce manufacturing-ready data.


With Intelligent PDF Output, you can share as much or as little as you like, protecting the IP that makes you unique. Make detailed choices on format, layersphysical objects and areas of your design you want to share, and those you don’t. Bookmark components automatically for easier PDF interpretation. 


Allowing you to interact with eCADSTAR via the Component Object Model (COM) interface. This means you can choose your own scripting language (PowerShell, VB, C#, C++). With scripting, you can, for example, format a report any way you like, with total flexibility.

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