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juin 03, 2021
Pain points in Schematic and PCB design

Design Automation is a concept that puts increased productivity front and centre. Design challenges should be reduced, errors should be minimized and time-to-market shortened.

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So much to learn, so little time...
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mai 24, 2021
Finding Unrouted Connections

An unfinished PCB is no PCB at all, so engineers have to make sure no unrouted connections remain before progressing to hardware.

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PCB Editor offers multiple ways to do this. Find out how.
mai 21, 2021
Reseller - Request Registration Form
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mai 19, 2021
eCADSTAR Eliminates Design Constraints for EA Technology

EA Technology is recognized globally as a leader in their field; enhancing the performance of power networks and providing clients with tailored asset management solutions. And they've selected eCADSTAR.

Helping to Create Safer, Stronger, Smarter Networks
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mai 05, 2021
La version 2021.0 d'eCADSTAR connecte l’ingénierie électronique et la conception de circuits imprimés

eCADSTAR 3D PCB Design a été étendu pour inclure de nombreuses nouvelles fonctionnalités, notamment des vérifications de la sécurité des lignes de fuite en 3D dans le PCB Editor, de multiples améliorations, telles qu'une meilleure gestion des bus, des références croisées de feuilles, une meilleure prise en charge des caractères des zones dans le Schématic Editor et une amélioration des scriptes dans l'interface COM.

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La nouvelle fonctionnalité de vérification de la sécurité des lignes de fuite fait d'eCADSTAR une solution idéale.
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février 18, 2021
Download Your Design Viewers

With the free eCADSTAR Schematic and PCB Design Viewers, you can review your schematic and PCB designs without an editor license. The viewers are read-only versions of eCADSTAR Schematic Editor and PCB Editor and their user interface styles are identical.

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Share your design data for free, but keep full control, with the eCADSTAR Schematic and Printed Circuit Board Design Viewers.
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novembre 19, 2020
Zuken and Ultra Librarian Partnership

Ultra Librarian is now directly integrated within eCADSTAR, making it easier than ever to access parts during the design process.

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Provides Access Information to Parts During the Design Process
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novembre 19, 2020
Ultra Librarian Integration for Part Download

eCADSTAR connected platform has expanded. The web lookup now includes part download using the Ultra Librarian service.

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Part Search and Download at Your Fingertips.
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novembre 19, 2020
How to Create Better Schematics with Global Signal Symbols

Commonly used power signals can be created as separate symbols within the library, allowing a more productive circuit design process.

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Adding global signals and symbols can be made more efficient through the use of a library of global signal reference symbols.
  • Fiche Technique
septembre 11, 2020
SiliconExpert Connect Datasheet

SiliconExpert is today’s leading unified development and administrative support suite for semiconductor and mechanical parts management from design to end of life. With seamless integration, your company can leverage on time and accurate component data to improve the product life cycle from design to end of life.

Life Cycle, Compliance, Cost, Crosses - All A Click Away
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septembre 10, 2020
Zuken And SiliconExpert Partnership

Zuken, the global CAD solution provider, and SiliconExpert, the leader in electronic component databases and parts information, have joined forces to help design engineers' access critical component supply chain data, mitigate risk and help prevent costly re-designs and time-to-market delays.

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The two companies are combining their considerable forces to help small business and enterprise-level design engineers
  • Formation
août 25, 2020
Training Request

Looking for a training session? Let us know what you're hoping to learn about our software.

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eCADSTAR Training Courses. Delivered Online, Wherever You Are.
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août 10, 2020
Bill of Materials (BoM) Risk Analysis

Part research and qualification from a single point on contact. Review continually during the design to understand implications and the parts used in the design, avoiding potential costly rework and delay to the product release date, overall effecting profit, and success.

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Help engineering perform the qualification task and procedure efficiently and quickly!
août 05, 2020
Signal Integrity Part 2

Part 2 will cover: Organizing power areas and ground returns, Extracting scenarios from detailed physical layout, Re-using high-speed channel placement, Creating topology templates, Setting constraints, Simulating and analyzing in-depth

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All analysis tools are tightly integrated with eCADSTAR. This videocast is in two parts, part two covers physical design.
août 05, 2020
Signal Integrity Part 1

Part 1 will cover: Organizing schematics for high-speed design, High-speed scenarios in the front end, Choosing signal topologies, Planning for controlled impedance, Checking expected high-speed performance by simulation.

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Not just simulation and analysis but signal integrity in the context of real-world PCB design.
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juillet 28, 2020
Nouvelle Version eCADSTAR 2020.0 Disponible

Zuken annonce la disponibilité de la version 2020 d’eCADSTAR. La nouvelle version ajoute de nouveaux modules pour la simulation de l’intégrité du signal, de la puissance et de l’IBIS-AMI aux configurations disponibles de la nouvelle plate-forme de conception de circuits imprimés de Zuken.

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Nouveaux modules pour la simulation SI, PI et IBIS-AMI