Script to Configure and Generate Manufacturing Output

Generate Your Manufacturing Data Efficiently

This script creates a basic netlist, showing component reference designators and pins, and the nets and variants that include them. Shows the results of running this script on a schematic with design variation and block hierarchy.

benefits of the appTop Benefits

  1. Set up and generate manufacturing outputs with selected parameter files, for efficient, repeatable sets of data
  2. Get a list of components and their properties directly in a spreadsheet for quick reference, making it easy to identify anomalies such as missing or inconsistent properties.

app explainer video

Demo of Manufacturing Data Generation

Watch this video on how to generate manufacturing data from the same script you can download for FREE and use in any way you wish.

User Guide eCADSTAR app

Scripting User Guide

Check out our blog about the basics of scripting, an overview of eCADSTAR scripting interfaces and examples, and a breakdown of the schematic netlist script.

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June 06, 2023
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