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Why upgrade from CADSTAR to eCADSTAR?

Classic and the Future – Design Next-Gen PCB Projects

CADSTAR is the classic desktop PCB design solution – used and trusted by thousands of layout engineers every day since 1987.

If you are using such a reliable, industry-proven  product, why would you want to change to eCADSTAR? And if CADSTAR meets all your current needs, do you have to change?

The second question has the shortest answer: CADSTAR will be around for the foreseeable future. We’re in this for the long term and we won’t stop supporting our CADSTAR customers.

“e” usually stands for “electric” or “electronic”, as in  e-ticket, e-passport, e-scooter. But CADSTAR is for designing electronics too.  The “e” in  eCADSTAR shows that while none of the knowledge and experience in CADSTAR’s DNA has been lost, eCADSTAR is new.

Driven by what your engineers need to achieve. Leveraging the power of cloud-connected partner services connectivity, collaboration worldwide. High-speed design and analysis built-in, not bolt-on.

This is not just about integration. eCADSTAR is a PCB design platform for today and the future. Everything is reassessed to optimize your PCB design experience.

Electronics has become part of everything and everyday life. Everything from handhelds and wearables to animal feed monitors in remote pastures. You need a solution that is as connected and intuitive as the tech you design with it.

Design Next-Gen PCB Projects in eCADSTAR

There’s a better way to grow. Classic Desktop PCB Design Software Goes Internet-Connected.

4 Reasons why you should Upgrade:

  • Knowledge and Technical Value: The most up to date PCB technology tips and tricks from your local support representative. A hands-on learning experience that will really stick and accelerate your eCADSTAR journey.
  • Global Presence, Local Support: Support offices around the world, fluent in more than eight languages. An outstanding support team,  focused on solving problems and discovering ways to optimize your productivity.
  • 40+ Years of PCB Design Solutions: Solid, real-world technology,  based on close working with leading manufacturing companies in key sectors around the world.
  • Seamless Connectivity: The Internet is an integral part of eCADSTAR,  not an add-on, giving maximum flexibility while protecting your IP.

How easy is it to upgrade CADSTAR designs to eCADSTAR?

Naturally, we designed eCADSTAR with this in mind. Maybe you will want to re-use some legacy IP, or even introduce eCADSTAR in stages.

With eCADSTAR, you can import your CADSTAR libraries and designs. All your hard work is safe and there is no need to recreate your old PCB design. And if you need help, our experienced engineers will help you every step of the way.

Watch our Step by Step Video Guide

Import Data from CADSTAR to eCADSTAR

To import CADSTAR data into eCADSTAR, save ASCII archives of library files and your designs, specifying any mapped values, and then import the ASCII archives into eCADSTAR

eCADSTAR combines the power of modern EDA software and the flexibility of the internet

It’s Beyond Engineering!

CADSTAR Users Also Ask:


User: Talking about eCADSTAR, do the capabilities of the offering and its technology meet our design requirements?

Answer: Yes – and much more. eCADSTAR’s web portal, provides seamless access to a wide variety of in-house and 3rd party services, helping you through the entire design process, from initial training and online help to design creation and manufacturing/procurement. Do you want to see how? then check out our 3D PCB Design Software page.

User: What’s the cost of the software? Does it fit within our budget?

Answer: Only pay for what you need. eCADSTAR is modular. Select the bundle that includes the features you require. And the best part, if you are a CADSTAR customer you can qualify for a special upgrade price when migrating from classic CADSTAR to eCADSTAR. We call it the Loyalty Program. eCADSTAR pricing starts from  £2,000 / €2,200 / $2,500* *Rent-to-Buy. More details here.

User: What’s the support service like? What are the differences between CADSTAR and eCADSTAR support? Will you be able to get quick responses to questions and access online-based tutorials?

Answer: You are in great hands. It’s still we who will take care of your PCB design requirements. With support offices around the world, our exceptional support team is focused on solving problems and discovering ways to further enhance your productivity. We don’t just answer questions, we dedicate ourselves to your PCB design success. Find contact details for eCADSTAR software resellers.

User: Can eCADSTAR software technology and solution scale with our needs? As designs are getting more and more complex, will the capabilities of the tool adjust accordingly?

Answer: Actually, eCADSTAR’s scalability, partners, and integrations set us apart from the competition. We have intelligent software tools for designing electronic systems optimized with modern technologies (2D/3D graphics, touch screen, multi-core, and 64-bit processors) and seamless internet connectivity. We can help you craft the best solution for your company’s specific requirements. Contact us.

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