Empower Your Project Team With Free Schematic & PCB Viewers


Free Schematic & PCB Viewers

Work seamlessly with all eCADSTAR data in one consistent, unified environment. Share your design data for free, but keep full control, with the eCADSTAR Schematic and Printed Circuit Board Design Viewers.

You do not always need a Schematic Editor or PCB Editor license to access eCADSTAR. With the free eCADSTAR Schematic and PCB Design Viewers, you can review your schematic and PCB designs without an editor license. The viewers are read-only versions of eCADSTAR Schematic Editor and PCB Editor and their user interface styles are identical.

Download the Free Viewers and Boost Your Team’s Performance

These benefits and more

  • Schematic & PCB Design Viewers give you the key to unlock a seamless, consistent review process
  • Schematic & PCB Design Viewers empower collaboration; consistency and freedom from extra cost reveal new opportunities for team working
  • Viewers have an identical look and feel to eCADSTAR Schematic Editor and PCB Editor, so there is no additional learning curve for staff and other design team workers
  • Viewers introduce no extra data formats, maximizing interoperability and minimizing additional data management

Free Schematic and PCB Design Viewers for Seamless Design Reviews

When you design your products in eCADSTAR, would you like to share your Schematic and PCB Design files with your teams, both internal and external? Do you have to protect your work by granting read-only access to be sure there will be no unexpected edits? Our free Schematic and PCB viewers read the same eCADSTAR file formats (*.sdes and *.pdes) as Schematic and PCB Editors.

Your data is presented in a unified environment that is accessible to every member of your team. With eCADSTAR Schematic and PCB Design Viewer, your audience can access, read, review, track progress and share your EDA designs. With over 40 years’ experience in the PCB design software industry and utilizing the latest Zuken technology, the realities of electrical and electronic engineering design are well-known to us. They are central to everything we do.

And the best part is, there is no need to purchase an eCADSTAR software license. Sign-up for your own Free eCADSTAR Schematic & PCB Design Viewer.

  • Check out your schematic circuits.
  • Check out your part selection.
  • Check out your manual routing, autorouting results, differential routing.
  • Check your placement and rule areas.
  • Check it out in 2D.
  • Check it out in 3D. Is it right? Is it the best it can be? Make sure before you move on.

PCB Viewer lets reviewers work consistently and efficiently and it includes touchscreen capability to bring reviews to life

Viewers introduce no extra data formats, maximizing interoperability and minimizing additional data management

You can share data outside your organization with those who need to see it. Not having eCADSTAR PCB Editor or Schematic Editor licenses does not stop them viewing design data you give them. Of course, their access with the viewers is read-only – ideal for working with OEMs and a lot safer.

You can keep your customers informed of progress whenever you choose. Visibility means dynamic working. Observing, optimizing, noticing opportunities for re-use and spin-offs. Identifying opportunities for future collaboration.

Read-only access does not mean just a plain snapshot. The viewers include rich capabilities – a subset of those in the full editors. You can cross-probe between schematic and PCB designs. You have a full set of graphical controls including touchscreen – ideal for group reviews. You can view constraints set by engineers in schematic or PCB. You can review placement, routing and design rules with others on your team and do the same with external teams. All the time, read-only access to your data eliminates the risk of unintended changes.

Schematic Viewer brings electronic circuit design reviews to life, empowering optimization and uncovering re-use opportunities


Download Design Viewers


Search components and nets in either eCADSTAR Schematic Viewer or PCB Viewer and cross-probe from one to the other. Or navigate in Constraint Viewer (a read-only version of Constraint Browser in eCADSTAR Schematic Editor and PCB Editor).

Review and Share all This and More With Schematic Viewer

Connectivity, including power and differential signals • All the part and net properties you need to check • Parts list/Bill of Materials/BOM • Basic constraints set by engineers and PCB designers

eCADSTAR layout and schematic viewers

Have company standards been met? Are circuit styles consistent with similar designs? Has anything been re-designed when already available elsewhere? Have all the right properties been set? Have the right units been used? Are part names, etc. in the correct format? Can collaborators help you to identify alternative part sources to identify cost reductions? Do other designers think your constraints could be too tight or too loose? Can you leverage their experience to make the journey to production smoother?

Review and Share all This and More With PCB Viewer

Complete PCB layout with full control of displayed layers and objects • Design rules, including settings like clearances, width/spacing rule stacks and via setups • PCB technology (layer stack) including materials, dielectric constants, loss tangents and thicknesses • Constraints set by engineers in logical or physical design

eCADSTAR layout viewer screenshots

What you see is what the PCB designer sees; one observer can catch an issue that another misses, especially if they have manufacturing experience. Have design rules branched off from standards? If so, why? Do standards need revising or can the existing standards be applied? Has everything been understood by all concerned? Does the layer stack look right? Is there accidental asymmetry? What kinds of vias will best balance cost and performance? How about prepreg and laminate layer choices? Are they in line with impedance tolerances? How about those differential widths and spacings? Impedance looks right, but what about manufacturing? Does your process support such narrow tracks and gaps on those layers?

The Viewers are Free – You Have Nothing to Lose

eCADSTAR Schematic and PCB viewers transform design reviews with big real-world insights and savings. Turbo-charge and streamline teamworking. Make eCADSTAR Schematic Viewer and eCADSTAR PCB Viewer part of your eCADSTAR solution.