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Frank Wang
Frank WangOperations Alric Engineering Pte Ltd
eCADSTAR is really an eye opener and certainly a game changer in the PCB design market. It has pro-actively taken great leap into building this new software from the ground up, the seamless integration, for example, is what most designers and managers look for. I still believe there still much room for it to excel, especially with new features that are progressively rolled out. New technology always excites us. With that in mind, we can do things better, integrating various platforms, ease of use, assimilation and execution. Thank you for keeping us abreast and providing us with this great new software.
Bernardo Culaton
Bernardo Culaton Director of Cerebral Innovations
eCADSTAR it's a great software designed for the PCB world! I will definitely recommend to my customers!
Charlene Phuang
Charlene PhuangPCB Design, Wizlogix
It's great to see that many new features compared to classic CADSTAR. eCADSTAR is very, very impressive!
Torje N. Thorsen
Torje N. ThorsenElectronics Engineer, Tide Electronics
eCADSTAR is a game changer. It's fast, intuitive, powerful and has all the features you could expect from a modern ECAD tool. Its unified design environment and native 64-bit multi core performance represent a radical improvement over the previous generation. The routing efficiency and straightforward design approach we're used to from CADSTAR is still there - only better. Designing PCBs with eCADSTAR is a real pleasure!