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eCADSTAR is the next generation of CADSTAR, the classic PCB design solution used and trusted by layout engineers since 1987.


eCADSTAR takes on CADSTAR’s legacy keeping the tools and features that made CADSTAR remarkable plus upgrading eCADSTAR with the latest technology to make it a modern EDA solution. Additionally, it comes with excellent local and global support.

Its Internet-connected capabilities provide freedom to explore your manufacturer’s catalogue for parts with live updates to stock and pricing. Seamlessly use online parts in your designs for rapid prototyping and include them in your central library for maximum re-use.

2D/3D simultaneous design in the PCB Editor gives you the best of both worlds. Detect collisions and DRC in real-time during the interactive layout in 3D. Whilst 2D focuses typically on routing topology and patterns. You can place and route critical item in 2D whilst seeing how it relates to other objects in 3D.

Structure your schematics to maximise design re-use opportunities with multi-instanced block hierarchy. In the Schematic Editor define one block and create as many instances you need, upgrading key schematics quickly and safely. one of many ways eCADSTAR saves saving critical design time.

Electronics are part of our everyday lives, from for example handhelds to car dashboards and even animal feed monitors. You need an EDA solution that is as connected and intuitive as the technology you want to design.

How easy is it to upgrade CADSTAR designs to eCADSTAR?

eCADSTAR is designed to fully support CADSTAR’s legacy data. Pick up where you left off by importing your CADSTAR libraries and designs. Keeping all your hard work with the ability to enhance it further with eCADSTAR’s modern design capabilities.

Should you ever need help get in contact with your local support representative or watch the step-by-step instructional video on how to import your CADSTAR data.

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CADSTAR Users Also Ask:


User: Talking about eCADSTAR, do the capabilities of the offering and its technology meet our design requirements?

Answer: Yes – and much more. eCADSTAR’s web portal, provides seamless access to a wide variety of in-house and 3rd party services, helping you through the entire design process, from initial training and online help to design creation and manufacturing/procurement. Do you want to see how? then check out our 3D PCB Design Software page.

User: What’s the cost of the software? Does it fit within our budget?

Answer: Only pay for what you need. eCADSTAR is modular. Select the bundle that includes the features you require. And the best part, if you are a CADSTAR customer you can qualify for a special upgrade price when migrating from classic CADSTAR to eCADSTAR. We call it the Loyalty Program. Contact your local sales organization for more information on the Loyalty upgrade program.,

User: What’s the support service like? What are the differences between CADSTAR and eCADSTAR support? Will you be able to get quick responses to questions and access online-based tutorials?

Answer: You are in great hands. It’s still we who will take care of your PCB design requirements. With support offices around the world, our exceptional support team is focused on solving problems and discovering ways to further enhance your productivity. We don’t just answer questions, we dedicate ourselves to your PCB design success. Contact your local sales organization for more.

User: Can eCADSTAR software technology and solution scale with our needs? As designs are getting more and more complex, will the capabilities of the tool adjust accordingly?

Answer: Actually, eCADSTAR’s scalability, partners, and integrations set us apart from the competition. We have intelligent software tools for designing electronic systems optimized with modern technologies (2D/3D graphics, touch screen, multi-core, and 64-bit processors) and seamless internet connectivity. We can help you craft the best solution for your company’s specific requirements. Contact us.

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