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Modern internet-connected PCB design platform. Get a 30-day FREE trial eCADSTAR evaluation license with full features.



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eCADSTAR is the well-regarded EDA software that gets your product to market faster, and easier, saving you costs in the process.

Equipped with a range of tools in the PCB, Schematic, and Library Editor, we have a lot to offer for even the most experienced PCB designer.

Collaborate with your team and clients with the Design Viewer that can share your brilliant designs whilst securing your hard work.

Using 64-bit technology, eCADSTAR allows you to work fast whilst having excellent graphics, and a consistent user interface throughout making it quicker to learn and remember everything you need.

We make it easier to connect with your manufacturers with component part real-time pricing and stock levels, which can be placed into your designs with ease.

Additionally, networking licensing means you can access eCADSTAR anywhere in the world, giving you the freedom to work when you want.

Built by designers for designers, we always look to go beyond engineering to make your design experience the best possible. Evaluate today to experience eCADSTAR yourself for 30 days free!

Web BOM Tool Free Evaluation

Researching parts in your design is important.

Web BoM Tool connects eCADSTAR to up-to-date parts information from SiliconExpert, informing you about obsolescence and regulatory compliance risks associated with components before you add them to your design.

Tick the box in the form to include a free evaluation of SiliconExpert with your eCADSTAR evaluation.

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