Electronic component library of eCADSTAR partners that are part of the PCB library and online component libraries in the Library Editor

Online Component Libraries - eCADSTAR Partners

Electronic Component Partners that can be accessed via the Internet-based web services available within eCADSTAR


The same Library Searcher is built into eCADSTAR Schematic, PCB and Library Editor. Select your preferred part vendor from Allied Electronic & Automation, Arrow, Digi-Key, Mouser Electronics, PCB Libraries, RS, SamacSys, SnapMagic, SupplyFrame (FindChips) and Ultra Librarian. View live part information including stock and pricing. The selected part is downloaded directly to your library and it’s on your cursor, with just one click.

eCADSTAR features direct integration to some of the world’s largest part vendors and online component libraries. Find part information instantly, with direct access to live information. In stock? Right price? Download that part or merge it into your library. In many cases, part downloads are free.

Part information includes schematic symbol, PCB footprint and 3D model, ready to use in your designs. You can adjust these to your own standards in eCADSTAR Library Editor if you need to. Footprints that you download are automatically mapped to your specific library layers and color set, maintaining any 3D model alignment and reducing the need to edit.


Ffindchips - Online component libraries SamacSys - electronic component libraries
Arrow - online component libraries Ultra Librarian - Electronic component library
Digikey - online component libraries Allied - Electronic Component Library
RS - online component libraries PCB Libraries - Electronic component library
Mouser Electronics - online component libraries SnapMagic - Electronic Component Library

SiliconExpert - online component libraries


The eCADSTAR Web BOM Tool will run SiliconExpert SE CONNECT optimizing your design process. SiliconExpert CONNECT identifies potential risk using SE design and component libraries via our embedded service. SE CONNECT is built into eCADSTAR Schematic and PCB Editor. Upload your Bill Off Material (BOM) and run a SiliconExpert BOM analysis of the parts used within your project. From life-cycle classification and compliance information to crosses, stock levels, and pricing data, your engineers can have access to reliable data to drive their decisions and streamline design processes.

Web BOM Tool – Watch Now


You’re always connected to the latest information for your eCADSTAR applications. Click in-context to go straight to what you need or search for broader content. If all you need is a quick reminder, just float the cursor over an item on the ribbon and a tooltip will appear. You stay in control – online, on-site or on your desk, the choice is yours. Sign in to your eCADSTAR Dashboard to enable live content and updates.

… and the eCADSTAR Dashboard is your portal to a whole lot more, including:

  • Online Training
  • Questions and Answers
  • Our online Zuken Global Support system (ZGS), including call logging and progress updates
  • Software updates

Live tool tips ease adoption of eCADSTAR - online component libraries in the Library Editor


Zuken Global Support (ZGS) is your online portal, linking you to a host of resources, downloadable content and live support. ZGS is provided exclusively for Zuken customers, with direct access to your local 1st line support and global 2nd line. Log questions, issues and suggestions using the Hotline logging system.

Zuken Global Support - for any help with your electronic component library

A live ZGS dashboard is displayed on the start page of each eCADSTAR application, allowing you to stay up to date with software updates, product news and hotline progress. It also provides access to live features within eCADSTAR including web lookup, part download and help content.

Support integrated within the software client - Library Editor tour that shows through online component libraries and electronic component library

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