eCADSTAR Schematic and LayoutDesign Viewers

用免费的原理图和PCB Viewer加强项目团队实力


免费的原理图及PCB Viewer

用eCADSTAR原理图和PCB Viewer,所有eCADSTAR数据在一个一致的、统一的环境中无缝工作。免费共享设计数据,但又完全控制。

无需Schematic Editor或PCB Editor口令权限。用免费的eCADSTAR原理图和PCB Viewer就可以查看原理图和PCB,无需有编辑权限。这个Viewer是eCADSTAR Schematic Editor 和 PCB Editor 的只读版本,用户界面一致。



  • 原理图及PCB Viewer是解锁无缝、一致的检查过程的关键
  • 原理图和PCB Viewer加强了合作;一致性及无额外费用给团队合作提供新机遇
  • Viewer与eCADSTAR Schematic Editor及PCB Editor界面一致,团队成员无需额外学习成本
  • Viewer无需额外数据格式,操作便利性最大化,数据管理工作量最小化


在eCADSTAR中设计产品时,是否需要与内部或外部团队分享原理图与PCB设计文件?是否需要设置只读权限来保护数据不被意外修改?我们免费的原理图或PCB浏览器读取与原理图编辑器和PCB编辑器相同格式的文件(*.sdes and *.pdes)。

你的数据可在统一环境中被团队成员访问。用eCADSTAR原理图和PCB Design Viewer,你的伙伴可以访问、读取、审查、跟踪及共享你的EDA设计。有超过四十年PCB设计软件行业的经验并融合图研最新技术,我们熟知电气和电子工程师的现状。他们是我们所做一切的核心。

And the best part is, there is no need to purchase an eCADSTAR software license. Sign-up for your own最棒的是,无需购买eCADSTAR口令,注册获取 免费eCADSTAR Schematic & PCB Design Viewer.

  • 查阅电路图
  • 查阅元件选择
  • 查阅手动布线、自动布线结果、差分对布线
  • 查阅布局及规则区域
  • 2D查阅
  • 3D查阅。正确吗?是最佳结果吗?行动前先确认。

PCB Viewer使得审查工作连贯并高效,支持触屏,使得审查直观



You can keep your customers informed of progress whenever you choose. Visibility means dynamic working. Observing, optimizing, noticing opportunities for re-use and spin-offs. Identifying opportunities for future collaboration.

Read-only access does not mean just a plain snapshot. The viewers include rich capabilities – a subset of those in the full editors. You can cross-probe between schematic and PCB designs. You have a full set of graphical controls including touchscreen – ideal for group reviews. You can view constraints set by engineers in schematic or PCB. You can review placement, routing and design rules with others on your team and do the same with external teams. All the time, read-only access to your data eliminates the risk of unintended changes.

Schematic Viewer brings electronic circuit design reviews to life, empowering optimization and uncovering re-use opportunities


Download Design Viewers


Search components and nets in either eCADSTAR Schematic Viewer or PCB Viewer and cross-probe from one to the other. Or navigate in Constraint Viewer (a read-only version of Constraint Browser in eCADSTAR Schematic Editor and PCB Editor).

Review and Share all This and More With Schematic Viewer

Connectivity, including power and differential signals • All the part and net properties you need to check • Parts list/Bill of Materials/BOM • Basic constraints set by engineers and PCB designers

eCADSTAR layout and schematic viewers

Have company standards been met? Are circuit styles consistent with similar designs? Has anything been re-designed when already available elsewhere? Have all the right properties been set? Have the right units been used? Are part names, etc. in the correct format? Can collaborators help you to identify alternative part sources to identify cost reductions? Do other designers think your constraints could be too tight or too loose? Can you leverage their experience to make the journey to production smoother?

Review and Share all This and More With PCB Viewer

Complete PCB layout with full control of displayed layers and objects • Design rules, including settings like clearances, width/spacing rule stacks and via setups • PCB technology (layer stack) including materials, dielectric constants, loss tangents and thicknesses • Constraints set by engineers in logical or physical design

eCADSTAR layout viewer screenshots

What you see is what the PCB designer sees; one observer can catch an issue that another misses, especially if they have manufacturing experience. Have design rules branched off from standards? If so, why? Do standards need revising or can the existing standards be applied? Has everything been understood by all concerned? Does the layer stack look right? Is there accidental asymmetry? What kinds of vias will best balance cost and performance? How about prepreg and laminate layer choices? Are they in line with impedance tolerances? How about those differential widths and spacings? Impedance looks right, but what about manufacturing? Does your process support such narrow tracks and gaps on those layers?

The Viewers are Free – You Have Nothing to Lose

eCADSTAR Schematic and PCB viewers transform design reviews with big real-world insights and savings. Turbo-charge and streamline teamworking. Make eCADSTAR Schematic Viewer and eCADSTAR PCB Viewer part of your eCADSTAR solution.