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A Winning Combination

NOVACAD’s Focus on Customers’ Needs + Built-in Flexibility + Passion for PCB Design Solutions

NOVACAD’s Focus on Customers’ Needs + Built-in Flexibility + Passion for PCB Design Solutions

Zuken organizes a competition every year between distributors, and last year NOVACAD was named Distributor of the Year, 2019/2020.  

Novacad TeamPhilippe Biran, director of NOVACAD (pictured left), explained that it is with great pride and pleasure to be named the best performing European Distributor for eCADSTAR in 2019/2020. There is no shortcut to hard work. Even if this is the seventh time, Philippe and his team, has won this award, every time it is astonishing to see that all the hard work has paid off.    

As in every team sport, it is the team that wins.

Philippe Biran Director, NOVACAD, France.

“As in every team sport, it is the team that wins,” he said. In practice, that means that the team is the heart of the game, and since eCADSTAR is a young product, it takes a young team to promote and convince our customers and prospects that this product represents the future of electronic design“I am extremely proud of our whole team, Youssef, AlexyMarlène, and François, as they are the main winners of this award, ” Philippe continued.  

We have asked Philippe to talk about his favorite part of working with eCADSTAR in the last year, and he answered: “well, of course,  the launch of the new internet-connected PCB design platform – eCADSTAR, August 2019”. Philippe noted that the preparation of technical presentations and their website were vital in the success of the launch in France. Philippe believes that success comes from NOVACAD‘s DNA to provide high-quality technical support. 

As NOVACAD has been a distributor for a long time, thirty years in counting, they know that in the market, “there are those who make software to be soldand there is Zuken, which makes software to be used intelligently!”, said Philippe.  

There are those who make software to be sold, and there is Zuken, which makes software to be used intelligently!

Philippe Biran Director, NOVACAD, France.

Talking about current timesPhilippe notes that the challenge now is to help CADSTAR customers move to the new generation, eCADSTAR, which will make them more efficient in the development of their PCB design projects. 

NOVACAD’s mission is to find new ways; As eCADSTAR presents itself as the most modern Electronic Design Automation (EDA) solution, versatile and a connected PCB design platform, we hope to convince new customers to switch to eCADSTAR, and ocourse to win this award again in 2020.”  


logo-novacad-header-black-2xAbout NOVACAD: 

NOVACAD is the official distributor of Zuken’s internetconnected PCB design platform, eCADSTAR. Choosing NOVACAD means you, as our customer, are in good hands from the start. We will help you define your needs and present the solution that suits you best.  

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