FED Conference 2023

Zuken and CSK are attending 20th-21st of September discussing opportunities for electronic design and manufacturing in Europe

eCADSTAR & CSK Welcome You to Join Us at FED Conference 2023

The FED conference brings together designers, decision-makers, and researchers for a knowledge-sharing experience. This year’s FED topic area focuses on robust, sustainable, and holistic opportunities for electronics designs and manufacturing in Europe.

The conference is 2 days filled with exhibitions, and presentations to discuss robust methods and approaches for developing electronic hardware, and where these existing processes have room to improve.

What makes the FED conference so great is its ability to bring solutions for enhancing the development and production of printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies.

So if you are a PCB designer, assembler, manufacturing specialist, or decision maker, this is definitely an event you want to attend!

Zuken and CSK will present the innovations of the eCADSTAR Version 2023 at an exhibition stand, demonstrate solutions for current industry trends, as well as upcoming developments for future AI projects will be presented.

We are attending both days, and experts from our team will be available to answer any of your questions regarding eCADSTAR, and CADSTAR our legacy product.

For more information about the presentations that will be held at this year’s FED conference, you can check it out here

You will be treated to a feast of 46 presentations, keynote speeches, and 2 open round talks with an exhibition with over 40 companies, though most importantly Zuken and eCADSTAR.

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