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Advanced Report Generator

This is a tool to generate formatted documents from eCADSTAR Schematic Design Editor or eCADSTAR Layout.

app-icon-1 Advanced Report Generator

Putting the Power of Reporting at Your Fingertips

This application is based on DevExpress Report Generator. You can create formatted document reports from templates and output the documents in various formats: docx, pdf, xls.

The Report Generator Designer makes the creation of new templates documents formats easy, with a powerful scripting language that allows the content of reports to be sorted and filtered.

Supported scripting languages are C#, Visual Basic .NET, and JScript .NET.

app-icon-2Top Benefits for the Advanced Report Generator App

  1. Customized report
  2. Library of preformatted reports
  3. Possibility to integrate with other databases
  4. Report data manipulation using scripting

app-icon-3 Demo

In this video, you will see how simple and easy is to generate the report from eCADSTAR Schematic Editor.

app-icon-4 Advanced Report Generator User Guide

This document explains how to format reports from eCADSTAR design or PCB.

Download User Guide

Apps are provided and supported by 3rd parties, they are enhancing the eCADSTAR experience.

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October 28th, 2021
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