eCADSTAR Expands Library Content with SnapMagic

Engineers can access millions of computer-aided design models from SnapMagic within eCADSTAR to design electronics in a snap

Bristol, UK, and San Francisco, CA USA, Dec. 8 2021Zuken and SnapMagic, a leading provider of verified online electronic components, are announcing a new capability that provides users of Zuken’s eCADSTAR PCB Design Tool Suite with direct access to SnapMagic’s comprehensive online library.

Using eCADSTAR’s embedded internet access, PCB designers can search and download from SnapMagic’s library of electronic component models. The models include symbols, footprints, and 3D models that can be placed directly into a PCB design. The streamlined download and place capability eliminates the time and effort required to create and verify the component library. Not only are important time savings realized by this new capability, but the component models are of a high quality benefitting the entire design process.

“Our partnership with SnapMagic builds upon eCADSTAR’s internet-friendly experience by providing seamless connectivity from within the design tool. With its easy access and proprietary verification technology, SnapMagic provides a valuable extension to our eCADSTAR ecosystem. SnapMagic’s dedication to quality and industry standards is what Zuken’s professional user base requires to bring their products to market,” said Christopher Hambleton, General Manager, Zuken Technology Center Bristol.

SnapMagic Action Snapshot
eCADSTAR users can now connect with the online database of SnapMagic to search parts and use them in their eCADSTAR designs.

All component downloads from SnapMagic are backed-up by a real-time quality report generated by SnapMagic’s patented verification technology. This feature helps build confidence and eliminate costly prototype iterations. In addition to finding CAD symbols, footprints, and 3D models, engineers will also be able to view datasheets and distributor stock levels and pricing.

Engineers accessing SnapMagic from eCADSTAR will also be able to use InstaPart to request parts that are unavailable for download. InstaPart is the industry’s original symbol and footprint request service and is widely used by the world’s largest OEMs for professional-grade CAD models within 24 hours. Alternatively, engineers can build symbols free of charge using SnapMagic’s computer-vision builder, InstaBuild.

“Zuken is an industry leader of rigorous and sophisticated PCB design tools. We’re thrilled to be able to add additional value to their platform with the SnapMagic experience, which will bring them millions of supplier-vetted CAD models and rigorous verification checks,” said Natasha Baker, Founder, and CEO of SnapMagic.

To start downloading SnapMagic CAD models, engineers can visit the Web Lookup Preferences section in eCADSTAR and select SnapMagic as their search engine of choice. The eCADSTAR library searcher is connected directly with SnapMagic.

About SnapMagic

SnapMagic helps engineers design electronics faster by removing barriers. Over one million electronics engineers and PCB designers use its search engine for electronics design each year, creating everything from medical devices to automotive electronics. By providing ready-to-use building blocks for design, including symbols and PCB footprints, its library shaves days off product development, allowing designers to focus on optimization and innovation. SnapMagic’s models are created using proprietary and patented creation, verification, and translation technology. Learn more at


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