Electrical Net eCADSTAR Video

Electrical Nets (E-nets)

Electrical Nets are in most modern high-speed designs and describe a complete DC or AC current path.

Electrical Nets (E-nets) in eCADSTAR


Language: English        Duration: 2 minutes


What are E-nets?

While a (logical) net comprises a set of nodes that are connected together on a schematic, an E-Net describes a complete DC or AC current path, even if it passes through resistors, capacitors, inductors, or diodes.

Benefits of E-nets:

  • Gives a more complete picture – what happens to electricity is what happens to signals
  • Very important for high-speed design because everything on an E-Net affects the signal it carries
    • Most modern PCB RAM is high-speed, whatever design it is part of
    • Many modern standard buses are high-speed
  • Allows you to constrain routing topology, including terminations and with eCADSTAR you can control, analyze and visualize E-Nets as an integral part of your process

Jane Berrie
Jane BerrieElectronic Design Technology Partner
Jane Berrie is an EDA product innovator and technical marketing content creator, focusing on high-speed design and signal integrity. She is a published author of technical articles and a past session chair at the annual Design Automation Conference (DAC).

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