3D Creepage and Clearance checks in PCB design

3D Creepage and Clearance Checks

eCADSTAR investigates creepage and clearance checks in 3D PCB design, delving into clearance priority, the rules and formulas of how to calculate creepage & clearance and more.

THIS 3D Creepage and Clearance VIDEOCAST WILL COVER:

  • The importance of electrical insulation in high-voltage projects and how to reduce the risk of electrical arcs
  • How to distinguish and calculate electrical creepage and clearance distances and how this can be used in PCB design
  • Assessing factors that can influence creepage such as V-shaped grooves and parallel walls.
  • The IPC-2221 standard and the difference in calculating creepage/clearance using various rules and formulas.
  • Live demonstration of how to run creepage and clearance checks in the eCADSTAR PCB Editor.

Who should attend the eCADSTAR webinar:

This webinar is for PCB designers who are looking to understand more about clearance and creepage checks and how to implement them properly. Additionally, it’s for eCADSTAR users who are keen to learn more about the synchronization between 3D and 2D in the PCB editor, as well as the creepage and clearance calculator.


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Massimo Lupi
Massimo LupiPre-Post Sales Application Engineer
After more than 15 years as a PCB designer in various companies, Massimo started to work as a technical expert for the EDA market and 3 years ago he joined Zuken, bringing his knowledge in creepage and clearance with him. Living very close to the Alpes, in his spare time he likes to trek there with his friends and dog Mila.
Roberto Lantigotti
Roberto LantigottiOwner ProEDA, Authorized reseller eCADSTAR
Roberto started his working career as a Field Application for various software dedicated to the design of printed circuit boards. Since 1996 he is the owner of a company specializing in the sale and support of EDA software, covering various tasks such as sales, marketing support, business management, and organization of events such as Training and PCB Roadshows.


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