IDX for PCB Design Teamwork

Incremental IDX makes independent teamworking more efficient and less prone to error.

IDX for PCB Design Teamwork

Length: 4:30 mins
Speaker: Jane Berrie

Sharing a baseline IDX with your team means they can work independently and in parallel, sharing design changes by incremental IDX as required and merging them back into the master design.

Jane Berrie shows how eCADSTAR can automatically detect incremental designs and display the difference the IDX import will introduce giving you complete control to approve or reject the proposed changes.

Jane Berrie
Jane BerrieElectronic Design Technology Partner
Jane Berrie is an EDA product innovator and technical marketing content creator, focusing on high-speed design and signal integrity. She is a published author of technical articles and a past session chair at the annual Design Automation Conference (DAC).

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