Now available: Free data migration software for eCADSTAR

Provided for free download from LogicSwap Solutions, the software has been officially endorsed by Zuken

Bristol, UK, and Munich, Germany, April 11, 2023 – A free data migration package for 3rd party PCB design data to eCADSTAR, Zuken’s internet-connected PCB design solution for small and medium businesses, is now available from LogicSwap Solutions (, a US-based company specializing in data migration software for the EDA industry. The software enables users of eCADSTAR to convert Altium library, schematic, and PCB design data for reuse and further elaboration with Zuken’s advanced eCADSTAR toolset. It is provided and supported directly from the LogicSwap website.

The free LogicSwap Altium to eCADSTAR conversion software has now been officially released and is recommended by Zuken: “We welcome the initiative from LogicSwap as we are seeing a growing demand from our user base for a migration path from their legacy data towards our modern, internet-connected eCADSTAR platform”, said Jeroen Leinders, eCADSTAR Business Manager. “We look forward to seeing additional data formats added to LogicSwaps portfolio of migration software solutions.”

Combining Zuken’s advanced 2D/3D electronic design technology with inbuilt internet capabilities and predictive tool tips and prompts, eCADSTAR provides a borderless electronic design environment that connects engineering with comprehensive online services that streamline global design review and manufacturing processes.

eCADSTAR is available both as a permanent license for purchase, or, under the label eCADSTAR 365, for lease on a monthly subscription basis, with monthly rates starting at €59 per month, To learn more about eCADSTAR, or to request an evaluation, please visit For details about bundles and pricing please refer to the eCADSTAR Online Store


eCADSTAR is a modern, internet-connected 3D PCB Design software suite that combines the power of modern Electronic Design Automation (EDA) technology with the flexibility of the internet through a unified user interface and a centralized library that supports all PCB design stages from schematic and placement/routing through to manufacturing outputs. eCADSTAR helps ensure that electronic engineers and PCB designers achieve top-class designs through an easy-to-use integrated design experience. To learn more, or to request an evaluation, please visit:

About LogicSwap Solutions

LogicSwap Solutions utilizes the expertise of knowledgeable EDA applications engineers that are well-versed in PCB engineering, Schematic capture, and Library Administration to create migration paths and processes for electronics companies seeking to move an electronics ECAD design or their complete environment from one EDA tool vendor to another. LogicSwap Solutions is based in North Reading, MA, USA. It was founded by Dilip S. Patil, President of DSP Inc. who has worked in the EDA industry for several decades, serving, among others at Racal-Redac and Zuken.

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