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Reinforcing Vias

Reinforcing vias or stitching vias, connect conductor areas on different PCB layers together in definable patterns.

What are Reinforcing Vias?

Otherwise known as “stitching vias”, reinforcing vias connect conductor areas on different PCB layers together in definable patterns.

Benefits of Stitching Areas Together with Reinforcing Vias

  • You can stitch conductor areas that require a low impedance between layers much more quickly and predictably
  • It makes it easier to avoid errors such as overlapping via clearance gaps that create plane discontinuities
  • You can be more reassured you have followed application-note rules for items like shield stitching
  • It makes it easier to edit your PCB design to, for instance, change the vias types used for stitching

These three (1 minute) videos explain the basics of reinforcing vias in eCADSTAR


  • The Science of Reinforcing Vias describes what reinforcing vias do in electrical terms


  • Use Reinforcing Vias to Nail Down Power and Ground Areas presents an example of how you could use reinforcing vias in a popular kind of circuit— a buck (DC-to-DC step-down) converter


  • Easy and Consistent Reinforcing Via Selection drills down to some practicalities of how to get the most from reinforcing vias in eCADSTAR

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Jane Berrie
Jane BerrieElectronic Design Technology Partner
Jane Berrie is an EDA product innovator and technical marketing content creator, focusing on high-speed design and signal integrity. She is a published author of technical articles and a past session chair at the annual Design Automation Conference (DAC).

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