Schematic Hierarchical Blocks for Pain-free PCB Design Re-use

Multi-instanced hierarchy in PCB design makes work easier to re-use and review.

Why is schematic block hierarchy useful?

Schematic hierarchical blocks can reduce the workload when using identical block circuitry. Instead of creating identical circuits multiple times, you only need to create one, save it, and apply it to your schematic designs.

Creating a hierarchical structure encourages design reuse. You can save your hierarchical block and apply this to current and future designs. In turn, saving you plenty of time and ensures design integrity and validity.

Additionally, a multi-instanced block hierarchy is fantastic for teams working as PCB designers. It provides certainty that PCB designers are all working with the same circuitry so there are no problems when approaching prototyping.

Adopting these techniques in eCADSTAR can decrease your schematic layout workload, and reduce complexity when working as a team.

In this video, learn how multi-instanced block hierarchy works, and how to make Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) easy.

Key benefits of schematic hierarchical blocks:

  • Massive time saver
  • Reliable design re-use
  • Design Integrity

Jane Berrie
Jane BerrieElectronic Design Technology Partner
Jane Berrie is an EDA product innovator and technical marketing content creator, focusing on high-speed design and signal integrity. She is a published author of technical articles and a past session chair at the annual Design Automation Conference (DAC).

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