Introduction to eCADSTAR On-demand webinar


eCADSTAR is all about making a complex and demanding world easier. Watch this videocast and see how eCADSTAR turns PCB design challenges into opportunities for every step of your design journey.


  • Introduction to the eCADSTAR unified design environment – Schematic, PCB, and Library.
  • How powerful online part search can enhance your ability to make informed component decisions as you design – Internet Library Sharing.
  • How to tap into the flow of information without boundaries – Learn about eCADSTAR Online Help and eLearning Resources.
  • How visualization and collaboration between electrical and mechanical design teams communicates design intent to meet system requirements – In a native 3D environment.
  • How eCADSTAR supports design migration and design re-use.

Who should attend:

Anyone who is involved in the electronic product design process, from circuit design engineers through PCB layout, mechanical and manufacturing engineers. Also, management involved in the electronic product development and delivery of a finished product to the market will be able to learn and see how the new generation of PCB design software can help to reduce overall design time and costs. This coupled with having the confidence to design right first time will be the key to a successful product.


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Andy Buja
Andy BujaApplications Engineer, Zuken USA
Andy Buja supports many disciplines of the Zuken Solutions family. In addition to providing both post and presales support to Zuken Customers and Partners, he focuses on crafting Zuken Solutions to meet emerging technology requirements. Mr. Buja has been a member of the Zuken team and its predecessors since 1985. He is currently a Technical Account Manager and Technical Marketing Manager for PCB Design Solutions.
Nikola Kontic
Nikola KonticProduct Marketing Manager
Nikola has spent over 31 years in the EDA industry working in roles from product marketing, business development, product strategy, and customer consulting on projects from major global companies through to SMEs. Working with customers and partners delivering a complete solution for electronic product design.


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