Nouveau dans eCADSTAR 2024

The 2024.0 update brings new additions to improve your efficiency, and quality of life changes to simplify your design process

The eCADSTAR 2024.0 update introduces a series of enhancements and new features designed to meet the increasing demand for compact, high-performing and energy-efficient electronic designs.

Discover below how each feature will improve aspects of your PCB design process in the schematic creation and PCB layouts plus additions to the Library editor that optimtally organises your workflow.

eCADSTAR Web Portal

  • The new web portal harmonises eCADSTAR web-based functionality in one place with a single search for online help, DIY training and eCADSTAR.com content
  • eCADSTAR online help and DIY training materials are now accessible outside of ZGS with no login required
  • Log-in the web portal using your ZGS details to unify your eCADSTAR experience


Support for Etched Inductor Parts


  • Create inductor parts in the Library Editor such as Planar Transformers, RF-filters, antennas, or embedded Polymer Thick Film (PTF) resistors. 
  • Design Planar Transformers using 3rd party software such as Auto Planner Magnetics or PI Expert 
  • Draw copper patterns in the eCADSTAR footprint editor or import copper patterns from a DXF file as an etched component in the eCADSTAR Footprint Editor. 
  • Calculate the planar inductance using the toolkit from Saturn PCB design and draw the copper pattern in the eCADSTAR Footprint Editor. 

Copy Full Part

  • When copying parts from one library to another, the footprint, symbol, 3D model, pad stack and pads are also copied in the same operation. This promotes ease of use, saving time as fewer manual interactions are required.
    • When working from home choose from using the central network library or your local library.
    • When you want to use the network library again, you can easily transfer the new parts from your local library into the central network library using copy full part


Design & Shape Comparison


  • Allows comparison of two schematics, two PCB’s, or one schematic and one PCB design, detailing netlist difference
  • Additionally, support for shape comparison between two versions of a PCB design.

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Net/Bus Improvements


  • Terminate with a symbol when adding a net or bus it can be automatically terminated with a symbol.

Net Improvement

  • When adding a net, the net label can now be defined by selecting an existing net label.


Bus Improvements


  • When adding a bus, the bus label can now be defined, either by typing, selecting an existing bus label. These improvements increase the speed, reliability, and usability of buses and nets

DRC Improvements

  • Hide unchecked rules from the results
  • Improved DRC for dangling connectors


CADSTAR to eCADSTAR Migration Improvements


  • Support for migration of dimensioning
  • Support for migration of associated pins (multiple pins being connected by component copper)

Sheet Connector Improvement

  • When adding a Sheet Connector you can now select from a list of Net Labels to make your design process simpler


These are only a snapshot of the 70+ new additions and features we have in store for the eCADSTAR 2024.0 update that boosts design efficiency and simplifies your workflow. Stay tuned for more updates that we will have for you!

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