Create PDF that is easy to navigate and contains only want you want to reveal.

Generating Intelligent PDF in eCADSTAR Schematic Editor

Language: English        Duration: 1 minute

Here is what the Intelligent PDF Output movie covers:
  • Configuring PDF output
    • Selecting schematic item properties to output
    • Selecting from block hierarchy to include or omit parts of schematic circuit in PDF
    • Selecting which bookmarks to create
  • Viewing PDF output, including navigating with bookmarks

Top reasons to use Intelligent PDF Output

  • Protects intellectual property
  • Keeps review material consistent and uncluttered

Key features

  • PDF bookmark navigation for nets, components, hierarchy blocks
  • Ability to include or omit any part of schematic circuit, including selections from block hierarchy
  • Control of content to include or omit selected attributes

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