generate an intelligent pdf output in eCADSTAR

Intelligent PDF Output in eCADSTAR Schematic Editor

Create PDF that is easy to navigate and contains only want you want to reveal.

Generating Intelligent PDF in eCADSTAR Schematic Editor

Language: English        Duration: 1 minute

Here is what the Intelligent PDF Output movie covers:
  • Configuring PDF output
    • Selecting schematic item properties to output
    • Selecting from block hierarchy to include or omit parts of schematic circuit in PDF
    • Selecting which bookmarks to create
  • Viewing PDF output, including navigating with bookmarks

Top reasons to use Intelligent PDF Output

  • Protects intellectual property
  • Keeps review material consistent and uncluttered

Key features

  • PDF bookmark navigation for nets, components, hierarchy blocks
  • Ability to include or omit any part of schematic circuit, including selections from block hierarchy
  • Control of content to include or omit selected attributes

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