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NOVACAD Two Time Winner of ‘Distributor of the Year Award’

The 10-Minute Interview with NOVACAD’s Applications Engineer, Youssef Amri

Zuken organizes a competition every year between distributors, and last year NOVACAD was named Distributor of the Year, 2020/2021.   

Youssef Amri, Applications Engineer of  NOVACAD (pictured left), shared that it is simply “fantastique to be named the best performing European Distributor for eCADSTAR in 2020/2021, the second year in a row. It’s with great pleasure to be recognized by Zuken. This was not luck, it was sweat, perseverance, determination, and teamwork 

the novacad team_winner 2021

Photo from left to right: Alexy Dutate, Youssef Amri and Marlène Piccolotto 

Reflecting on the last 12 months, it was difficult, psychologically, but the many challenges have brought to the surface new emotions, new routines, and new ways of thinking. What those challenges also have shown the team, is just how resilient the industry and its amazing people can be!  

Youssef talked about the training mixtechnical support and knowledge. “We don’t just train our customers to use the eCADSTAR software, we give them tips to use the software for their products, tailored and personalized.” For example, take the SuperCam made in France, that was sent to Mars – “We’ve sent PCBs on Mars, now this is something to be proud of!” Also, Youssef notes that the training is focused on human relationships and their customers put their trust, hope, and faith in NOVACAD, eCADSTAR, and Zuken.  

We’ve sent PCBs on Mars, now this is something to be proud of!

Youssef Amri Applications Engineer, NOVACAD, France.

We asked Youssef to talk about his favoriteeCADSTAR feature last year, and he answered: The most notable one for me and our customers is the Intelligent PDF feature. This is a great free feature that is easy to navigate and contains only what you want to reveal.” This is a great improvement from the 2019 version of the software. Existing and new customers appreciate that eCADSTAR is the new software in the market. eCADSTAR is a revolution, its appearance, the way is developed – the unified environment especially in the PCB part – one application, one software. Many customers make their PCBs faster with eCADSTAR. 

Thinking about the preparations for next year, Youssef notes that the whole NOVACAD team is excited for what the next year will bring! “Already making plans for the next race.” This year, the Distributor race was very tight, Youssef admits, he felt a lot of pressure, but as a team, they managed to win. “It was a good souvenir”, Youssef called it, a great year to remember.  And this statement again revolves around the team, the customer-focused initiatives, the support, and the communication. “I started 6 years ago in Novacad and I’ve grown with this culture of helping each other”.   

Already making plans for the next race.

Youssef Amri Applications Engineer, NOVACAD, France.

And of course, at the end of this blog, we wanted to end on a memorable quote that Youssef shared with us: “Next year, I want NOVACAD to be number one again, and what I mean to say is that we have great ambitions for next year and we look forward to the year 2021/2022.”    


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