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Does an eCADSTAR subscription (TBL) suit you?

We offer eCADSTAR with both perpetual and subscription (Time-Based-License) options - which one you choose depends on how you wish to work

Why is subscription-based software so popular now?

In the past, perpetual licenses were the only way to get many software applications. You paid for what you wanted on the license deal you wanted – node-locked, site, corporate, floating, network, GWAN, etc.

Then you could sign up for annual maintenance to get support, with regular updates to the latest software version.

That stayed the same for a long time, especially where EDA was concerned. But it involves extra work upfront, such as:

  • Negotiating with salespeople to work out the best deal
  • Possible long-term commitment
  • High upfront investment, often requiring sign-off at a high management level, or even board level

Even for upgrades and optional products, much of the same applies.

Software installation used to be an intricate process, but it is now so straightforward that installing EDA software isn’t much different from installing a photo or audio app.

When you get software on a subscription (Time-Based-License) model, there isn’t nearly so much upfront commitment. You can buy the software when you need it and for the duration you need it. You can also get the latest version as soon as it comes out, but still with the option to install it or not.

Maintenance, access to Do-It-Yourself training, Web Look-up, Part download, and support are included in the subscription deal.

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How do eCADSTAR subscriptions (TBL) work?

When we designed the eCADSTAR subscription (TBL) models, we considered how our customers work and who might benefit from each model. All the subscription models map to the same capabilities you would have with equivalent perpetual licenses. But the initial costs are lower (often no sign-off required), and if your requirements change, you can easily change or add to your choices.

You work the way you do, and we work seamlessly with you.

How do I buy a subscription?

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Subscriptions (TBL) are based exclusively on MAC address and no dongle is required. You can change MAC address with each new subscription purchase, and you can choose between node-locked and network licenses.

And all this is included at no extra charge:

  • Online Zuken Global Support
  • Latest software updates
  • Local first-line technical support
  • When you choose a network license, you benefit from license borrowing support (in cases when you cannot be temporarily connected to the company network)
  • Access to online electronic component partners, with millions of electronic parts, symbols, footprints, and 3D models, available at your fingertips
  • DIY (Do-It-Yourself) online training

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