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Signal Integrity Part 2: Physical Design

Signal integrity or SI is a set of measures of the quality of an electrical signal. But we already know this. This videocast is in two parts, this videocast is covering physical design.



  • Organizing power areas and ground returns
  • Extracting scenarios from detailed physical layout
  • Re-using high-speed channel placement
  • Creating topology templates
  • Setting constraints
  • Simulating and analyzing in-depth

Who will benefit from watching this videocast?

Anyone involved in electronic product design that includes high-speed signals – from front-end circuit design through PCB layout. Managers can also benefit by seeing the end-to-end consistency of eCADSTAR facilitates review and delivery of products optimized for maximum electrical resilience.


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Jane Berrie
Jane BerrieSignal Integrity Expert, Zuken Tech Center, Bristol.
Jane Berrie is a technology expert on high-speed design and signal integrity and has been closely involved in the design of our high-speed design products for decades. She is a past session chair and technical program committee member for the annual Design Automation Conference (DAC) and has been extensively published.


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