Novacad - Distributor of the Year 2022-23

Novacad finished strong this year as the 2023 distributor of the year demonstrating their decades of PCB knowledge and how eCADSTAR can help solve customer's design problems

Congratulations to Novacad!


Over the last year, Novacad harnessed opportunities and helped many PCB designers by demonstrating eCADSTAR, and how it can address their company’s pain points. Novacad has been in the PCB industry for over 30 years with plenty of knowledge of PCB design as well as eCADSTAR to help customers decide the right package for them based on their wants and needs. Their hard work and team spirit pushed them to become a 3-time winner of the prestigious award of Best European Distributor for 2022-23. We reached out to Youssef Amri from Novacad to see how they were celebrating their success.

How do you feel to have won eCADSTAR’s distributor of the year?

“We are happy to be eCADSTAR’s distributor of the year, it’s always a great recognition of our achievements and how Novacad has helped many customers this year.”

What do you think helped Novacad to win the Distributor of the Year award?

“We worked very hard this year to be the distributor of the year and whenever you face obstacles the best remedy to overcome them is perseverance.”

How will Novacad celebrate being the distributor of the year 2022-23?

“We celebrated when we heard the news but like all great companies we are already focusing on the next year and the upcoming challenges that may lie ahead!”

If you want to know more about why Novacad has won this accolade get in touch with their team today. The Noavacad team are very experienced technicians that provide quality support through their in-depth knowledge of eCADSTAR and fast response times. Novacad aims to ensure ensuring customer satisfaction by helping them with pre-sales support all the way to after-care technical support and training.

About Novacad

NovacadeCADSTAR Distributor of the Year 2022-23
NOVACAD is the official distributor of Zuken’s internet–connected PCB design platform, eCADSTAR. Choosing NOVACAD means you, as our customer, are in good hands from the start. We will help you define your needs and present the solution that suits you best. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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