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Zuken Innovation World 2023

Zuken's annual conference events are back and ready to innovate your ideas!

What is ZIW 2023 and why is it important for you?

Zuken Innovation World (ZIW) is the yearly event series we hold in Europe and around the world. The conferences are a fantastic networking opportunity to build work relationships with Zuken / eCADSTAR, industry professionals, and other businesses.

The ZIW events will provide lessons, presentations, and sharing of inspiring ideas that can not be found anywhere else. It is the mainstay of corporate-level presentations and high-level technology tutorials. eCADSTAR will be presenting in all ZIW’s to some capacity to meet, greet and discuss industry ideas and the future of eCADSTAR and PCB design.

Get to know Zuken and eCADSTAR more

eCADSTAR / Zuken will be working with companies across the globe that are leading the field with their PCB design and process. Our modern PCB software combined with our training and online lectures brings the best out of our clients. We aim to further embolden this for our users with ZIW 2023, with proven industry leaders discussing innovative ways to improve your workflow and productivity.

Dates and Locations

ZIW Germany: April 24-25, 2023 – Lufthansa Seeheim Hotel, near Frankfurt
ZIW Switzerland: May 9, 2023 – Campus Sursee, Lucerne
ZIW France: June 13, 2023 – Palais de Congres, Paris Massy
ZIW Italy: June 15, 2023 – Savoia Hotel, Bologna

What to expect from ZIW 2023

When attending any of the ZIW events you can expect a professional quality that Zuken is renowned for. The talk will consist of Zuken brands such as eCADSTAR discussing the upcoming plans, plus technology-based lectures to bolster your knowledge and design techniques. The presentation will be delivered by Zuken representatives and industry leaders that are an expert in their respective fields.

We hope to see you in person at one of our ZIWs for 2023!