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Generate routing strategies specific to your PCB, to eliminate blockers and set up autorouting for optimum results.

eCADSTAR Autorouter

Autorouting, together with Routing Consultant and Routing Strategies provide a different way to look at routing tasks. You can review knowledge, preserve it and re-use it, automating common design tasks so they’re addressed in a consistent way. That reduces the risks of re-inventing an approach.

When critical signal layout requires your full attention, you can mix your skill with as much or as little automation as you like, to create PCBs your own way.

Top Benefits

  • Consistent, built-in autorouting solution with automatic routing strategy generation that you can adjust to your precise needs.
  • Experiment what-if style, with as many routing strategies as you like.
  • Re-use routing strategies in other designs – a big time-saver when your designs have common features.
  • You can mix hand routing, autorouting and auto-interactive routing any way you like, to help you do it rapidly and accurately.
  • You can get started without specialist knowledge – but you can also share your expertise to help other engineers and they can share theirs with you, to get even better results.


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