eCADSTAR SPICE Controller header wave analysis

eCADSTAR SPICE Controller Datasheet - Free Download

Learn more about the SPICE simulation capabilities available with the eCADSTAR Schematic Editor. Be the first to access the free download of the SPICE Controller datasheet.


Many PCBs include analog circuits in addition to, for example, digital control and signal processing. Analog signals represent continuous quantities, so it’s very important to optimize them. The all-new SPICE simulation capability has been added to the Schematic Editor allowing circuit functional verification, defining simulation definitions, configurations, and more.

LTspice® is an industry-standard version of SPICE that is free to download and use, from Analog Devices. It equips you to perform many kinds of analysis, including DC, AC, transient, and Monte Carlo.

Combining LTspice® with SPICE controller in the Schematic Editor makes analog simulation a safer, more repeatable process. The datasheet provides the key information to guide you through the new SPICE controller features supporting LTspice®.


• Set and retrieve simulation settings in Schematic Editor

• Map to generic LTspice® transistor models in both your schematic and eCADSTAR library

• Launch LTspice® simulation from within the Schematic Editor

• Determine optimal operating ranges for your analog circuits

• Optimize and share analog circuits within and beyond your engineering team



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