eCADSTAR Variation Datasheet Download


Set up PCB design variants for multiple markets and feature levels – or any other reason you choose.


eCADSTAR Variation gives you a clean way to structure design variation from schematic entry through to physical design. Variations can include which components are fitted and even which parts are used. A simple way to think of variation is that the conductor metal on the PCB is always the same, but you can vary what is assembled on it.

Well-structured design variation in eCADSTAR is the best way to set up design variants for three main reasons:

  • Duplicating design details is rather like copying and pasting text from one document to another. It’s easy to copy too much or too little or to change the original and forget about the copy.
  • It’s much easier to see what you have, so it’s much easier to re-use it, preserving known-good IP and valuable design time.
  • It works right with you while you design and when you collaborate with your colleagues.


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