design PCB using eCADSTAR PCB Editor software, design a PCB today!


PCB Editor, is a powerful and intelligent PCB layout tool that enables you to create board shapes, arrange components, define routing patterns and produce manufacturing outputs.


The eCADSTAR PCB Editor has a wide range of tools that are both assistive and automated, helping you to deliver rapid error-free results at every stage of your design process. From the import of board shapes and component placement to real-time design rule checking and intuitive routing generation. Your designs are ready to manufacture in just a few clicks, in whatever industry-standard format you require.


  • A connected platform that delivers information instantly, online help, support and lookup of live part information and datasheets from the world’s largest vendors. Download the footprint and associated part information for use instantly within your design.
  • Switch seamlessly between 2D and 3D natively within your design environment, or work in both simultaneously.
  • Turn your PCB around quicker than ever by reusing existing board blocks or divide your PCB for collaborative concurrent design.
  • Collaborate with your MCAD system at any stage of your design flow by importing and exporting DXF, IDF, IDX or STEP data.
  • Develop your documentation alongside your design, with a selection of standard outputs, fully customizable report generation and PDF output, your design documentation is ready in just a few clicks.


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