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What Can You Do With ADVANCED 3D Compared to BASE?


eCADSTAR ADVANCED 3D includes three extra capabilities:

  • 3D Collision Check identifies collisions between your PCB and external mechanical objects such as enclosures
  • 3D Model Manager makes it easier to import and organize 3D models for parts in your library
  • STEP I/O provides import and export of mechanical data in this popular 3D model format, in addition to 3D model import and management

Creepage & Clearance Check checks for risky current leakage paths in three dimensions, even if current passes through objects like slots or un-plated holes. All this is in addition to clearance rules. eCADSTAR Advanced 3D is for engineers who design PCBs in context with mechanical objects and verify electrical safety in three dimensions.

The optional features that can be included in the ADVANCED 3D bundle are:

  • Autorouter
  • Gerber Import

2D/3D Design Optimisation


eCADSTAR offers design variation management tools that are suited for a wide variety of industries, control your products your way.

Use our advanced 3D collision and creepage check technology to catch enclosure issues and verify electrical safety early in the design process.


Smooth Integration


Export STEP models in 3D to work smoothly with mechanical CAD.

Import 3D models in multiple formats to organise your PCB relative to external 3D objects.

Export and import Gerber data which transforms photo data into real, editable eCADSTAR PCB Data. eCADSTAR’s intelligent, adaptive import means you can re-use and repurpose your artwork data without limits.

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