Front-to-Back Mainstream PCB Design

What eCADSTAR BASE+ Includes


You get everything you need to design PCBs from start to finish:

  • Comprehensive, web-enabled library management for speed, flexibility and control
  • Unified-GUI constraint browser in schematic and PCB design, so design information looks and feels the same everywhere
  • Fully-structured design and technology rules, designed for minimum repetition and maximum reliability
  • Sophisticated PCB design features, including rules-by-area to handle track neckdown and via variation in fine-grid component areas
  • Free schematic and PCB viewers to expedite design reviews

All data you create with an eCADSTAR BASE+ license is compatible with any other eCADSTAR bundle of the same (or compatible) product version.

Is eCADSTAR BASE+ the Best Bundle for you?

eCADSTAR BASE+ is best-suited to mainstream PCB design to physical rules. Many PCBs are designed in this way, using and adapting known-good structures. eCADSTAR excels in re-using schematic, PCB, and library data.

You can re-use both schematic multi-instanced hierarchy blocks and physical PCB blocks. You can retain placement and routing patterns and re-use as much or as little of them as you wish, even if details like layer stack are different.

You could, for instance, re-use placement and routing for four DDR4 chips out of a bank of eight, mapping to different layers, or re-use a USB Type-C connector, its ESD protection devices, and routing between them, for multiple IO channels on different board edges.

eCADSTAR BASE+ is for engineers who design by specification and experience more than by analysis. Engineers who concentrate on schematic and physical PCB design, rather than analysis. BASE+ license capabilities are very strong in those areas, with features like simultaneous 2D/3D visibility, multiple canvas tabbing, and options to add Autorouter (multi-pass) and Gerber import.

The optional features you can include in the BASE+ bundle are:

  • Gerber Import
  • Autorouter (Multi-pass)

Impressive entry-level package


This is a front-to-back PCB design and library management package that is capable of handling generalised PCB design work.

eCADSTAR BASE package has everything you need to design mainstream boards from schematic entry to production layout, with the ability to work both in 2D & 3D.




Consistency is Key


eCADSTAR has a well-rounded GUI with synergetic editors. Frictionless design with local and online parts means fast prototyping and high production confidence. From start to finish, whatever aspect of design you work on, the look and feel are the same.

Everyone on your team has the same experience and sees data in the same way, so design reviews are reliable and efficient. The free Schematic and PCB Viewers make it easy to bring anyone you choose into design reviews without extra software costs.


Local and Internet-Connected Parts


eCADSTAR delivers fast prototyping combined with strong library management and control. Find your best parts at the best price online. Check specifications, prices, stock levels, and applications with no need to break from your workflow. Merge web parts into your library with just a click. Manage parts all in one place, together with 3D models, PCB technology, and design rules.

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