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What is the Difference Between eCADSTAR ULTIMATE and BASE?

eCADSTAR ULTIMATE includes everything that comes as standard in eCADSTAR ADVANCED 3D, eCADSTAR ADVANCED HS, and eCADSTAR BASE.

eCADSTAR ULTIMATE is for you if, for example:

  • You need 3D collision checks between your PCBs and their enclosures that cannot wait until you complete your PCB layout
  • You have to check creepage in 3D because your PCBs include high-voltage power supply inputs or outputs, or high voltage circuits such as avalanche diode arrays
  • Your PCBs include high-speed circuits like DDR4 or PCI Express, where you must control topology and skew
  • You want to add optional features such as autorouting to your bundle

The optional features you can include in the ULTIMATE bundle are:

  • Signal Integrity
  • Power Integrity & EMI
  • Autorouter
  • Gerber Import

Lead from the Front


Structure your designs for clarity and re-use with multi-instanced block hierarchy.

Manage design variants right from the start, so you have fewer schematics to maintain, and you can apply engineering changes with confidence.

Constrain with consistency with a unified look and feel is the same in schematic and PCB.

Verify analog circuits with a SPICE controller that ensures your schematic and analysis data stay in sync.

Work with your colleagues or external stakeholders, quickly, transparently, and securely, with advanced, selective sharing of both schematic and PCB data.

There’s no need to complete your design before a PCB designer starts work. It’s easy to forward- and back-annotate changes between schematic and PCB design.

Control with Flexibility


For production, you need verified part libraries, and to know which parts are in stock for the right price without spending too much time looking for them.

That’s where our partner web-based component vendors come in, providing seamless integration with your designs and libraries.

Re-use applies to design rules and PCB technology as much as to schematic and PCB.


Design PCBs with Real-Time 3D Visibility


Simultaneous 2D/3D design means efficient routing with maximum visibility. This includes interaction with mechanical data. 3D collision checks highlight red-flag errors before you fabricate hardware.

Variation management works smoothly with your schematic setup. You can extend eCADSTAR’s efficient re-use philosophy in PCB design by saving Board Blocks that comprise any selected area of your PCB. This is invaluable for layout-critical circuits like DC-to-DC converters. You can re-use a whole area, map it to a different layer stack, or re-use its placement in an orientation of your choosing.

As components and circuits have shrunk, PCBs have become increasingly multi-functional. Precise high-speed topology control helps you achieve clean signaling. Add built-in, fully-consistent signal integrity, EMI and power integrity analysis for optimum planning and verification.

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