What's New in eCADSTAR 2023

The 2023.0 update focuses on enhanced features to make your design process easier

These exciting updates will enhance your design experience for Schematic, PCB, and Library Editors by addressing your needs throughout your PCB design process.

Part Editing Improvements

Library Editor

In the eCADSTAR Library Editor, library part locking has now been introduced in eCADSTAR 2023. This will prevent other users from accessing a part or shared PIN assignment if another user has this open or is editing on the grid.


Scripting for Batch Manufacturing Data


Use scripting interface such as Powershell, C++, C#, and VBA  to, for example, set-up batch exports for manufacturing data. This includes Photo Data, Drill Data, ODB++, IPC-2581, and more.

  • Scripting Improvements for Manufacturing Data Export
  • Enhancements for manufacturing output customization
  • Automated, script-and-click export with your own parameter files
  • No need for interactive operations

Part Hyperlinking

eCADSTAR has added hyperlinks for parts. For example, datasheets can be opened from the design, library searcher and library editor for ease of access.

  • Support for adding links into part attributes and other applications external applications
  • Configured in the Library Editor Attribute Manager
  • Hyperlinks can be executed via the context menu


Variant Specific Text


We have added variant text in PCB allowing users and manufacturers to see which design variant they are viewing for example Europe, USA, and UK design variants.

  • Added support for the text that is specific to 1 or more variants
  • The display of variant text changes when the user switches variant

Naming Multiple Nets

Net/Bus tool

Using Net/Bus Label tool it is possible to name Multiple nets at the same time using the connected objects as a target for the net names




PI/EMI Analysis Enhancements


Layout Viewer

  • Built-In Layout Viewer to visualise connectivity problems in design data
  • Reduces layout debugging time significantly

SI/PI/EMI Analysis Enhancements

Improved Analysis Result Viewer

  • Text annotations at waveforms
  • Zoom and Scaling Improvements


IDX Support

Incremental IDX support

  • Support outputting IDX files as incremental files, only including changes since the last export
  • A compare differences dialog allows users to resolve changes in the incremental IDX file and generate a response IDX file for 3rd Party MCAD tool

These are just some of the many additions and developments eCADSTAR has introduced to the 2023.0 update to make your design process easier, and the quality of your work better.

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