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eCADSTAR PCB Editor is a powerful and intelligent PCB layout tool that enables you to create board shapes, arrange components, define routing patterns and produce manufacturing outputs



Then using the internet-connected platform, eCADSTAR Web Part Lookup allows you to rapidly search for an alternative and it will appear directly on your cursor with one click. eCADSTAR PCB Editor provides a wide range of assistive and automated tools, helping you to deliver rapid error-free results at every stage of your design process.


eCADSTAR features direct integration to some of the world’s largest part vendors and online component libraries.

The web lookup functionality allows you to find part information instantly, with direct access to live stock, pricing, and datasheets.


In eCADSTAR, you can switch instantly between 2D and 3D – with accurate shape models for realistic visualization.

Import and align 3D enclosures and display them directly in your ECAD design environment, with configurable transparency and moveable cutting planes. Detect collisions using configurable automated collision and clearance checks or by visual inspection.

Collaborate with MCAD design packages, importing and exporting mechanical data in DXF, IDF, IDX and STEP formats.


Re-use existing circuitry by importing board blocks that you’ve created previously – or divide your design for reuse and collaboration.

Define board block areas within your PCB design and save the contents of each board block to separate child board design files. The block areas stay within your parent PCB design, but you can share saved child boards with other users. Child boards can be imported into any PCB design, reusing content such as placement, routing, and silkscreen. This can save time and reduce risk for common or layout-critical circuits such as “buck” DC-to-DC converters.


eCADSTAR includes a rich variety of manual and auto-interactive routing tools that work with you to get swiftly and surely to error-free completion. Constraints are well-structured, consistent and easy to manage, so you can always see what you are doing.

Route nets, buses and differential pairs efficiently, assisted by features including:

  • On-canvas guide lines
  • Double-click via layer transition
  • Real-time length and skew display
  • End-route generation
  • Multi-pass or single-pass auto-routing
  • Detailed optimization including fillets, chamfers and lengthening


Including 45-degree routing, curves, push-aside, springback, copper-plough, teardrops, differential pair and bus routing. Full-featured, practical and fast, with all you need to design and optimize high-density, high-performance PCBs.


For densely-routed designs, you need different routing rules in different PCB areas – for instance, BGA and connector breakout routing. In eCADSTAR, you define rule areas the same way you define filled copper or template shapes. Just click Polygon, Rectangle or Circle and then select the design rules you want to apply in that area.


Meet your electrical performance criteria by setting design constraints. Apply constraints to parts, pins, electrical nets (E-nets) and other objects in the Constraint Browser.
Constraints may be set and modified in either Schematic or PCB Editor, and annotated forward or backward between designs, ensuring they are always in sync. You enter constraints in a clearly-presented object hierarchy, in clear tables. Define classes and groups to organize your design quickly, create differential or pin pairs and buses. Cross probe your selection between the canvas and constraint browser at a pin, part, net or E-net level, in both Schematic and PCB editor simultaneously.


Maybe you want to add constraints in the schematic, where you can see what the circuit is doing. Maybe you want to do that during PCB design – selecting items to constrain in physical layout or cross-probing them from schematic. Whatever you prefer, eCADSTAR works with you. Constraint Browser is built into both eCADSTAR Schematic Editor and eCADSTAR PCB Editor

eCADSTAR allows for DXF, IDF, IDX import or export


Form factors and other physical requirements come in different formats and you need to share them in different formats too. DXF, IDF and IDX import and export are right where you need them – directly in eCADSTAR PCB Editor.


Within PCB Editor, you have a variety of design rule check tools that can be configured to assist you in your design process. Ensure your designs are valid and manufacturable using real-time Online DRC, automated Post Check DRC or manually execute a comprehensive design check with report output.

Both online and post check DRC reference your manufacturing rules, as established in the Rule Editor, and may be easily toggled on or off with a single click. Online DRC operates in real time and prevents you from creating errors in your design under normal tool use, it can be further configured to modify the type of checks it performs, providing you additional flexibility and design freedom. Post check is executed following each tool use or action, it performs a comprehensive analysis of the objects on which you have operated, using the settings and values specified in your DRC settings. The same analysis can be performed at a wider design level using the manually executed DRC design check.


Developing your design documentation needn’t be an afterthought, with documentation layers you can generate manufacturing information such as dimension lines, drill hole tables and scaled areas alongside your design content. With fully configurable export options, output only the layers you need or using the intelligent PDF output produce searchable PDF documents with individual objects and toggleable visibility.

Generate parts lists and pick and place reports instantly using the built-in reporting tools or create customized reports with configurable content and formatting. Using report templates, you can define report content with sorts, filters, sections, header/footer, and macro variables, for reuse between designs and integration with your PLM system.

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